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2.3 Assess the Web and Record Observations

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    • Review the web scan video clip below and share some of the features that you observed. Share ideas on how you think design elements can be used to generate new engineering ideas.

    • Gvv

    • What is the relative strength of the tent?

    • Each strand begins from the wall of the container and finally ends on the net. Also, there are multiple pathways to reach a point on the web.

    • It seems like there’s more density and more structural complexity in the “middle” of the web.

    • Does the size and shape of container plays role in the size and shape of web?

    • Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

      Structural integrity degrades over time.

      Whether injecting the string or spider with a barium substance is possible, altered photography is.

      The time of web dissipation and directions of dissipation shows areas of possible improvement.

      New engineering ideas include material strength to regulate loss of fibre.

    • Cool 😎

    • It’s fascinating how it mimics a bridge, as the center column or roadway/bridge supports the rest of the structure, under tension and compression on both sides, they seem almost equal in force. Fascinaitng. Its basically a suspension system with adhesion to the sides of the box.

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