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    • What direct evidence do we have that the Earth is spinning? After all, much as in the example from the lecture in which George and Gracie are floating in space, we don’t seem to feel the Earth’s motion. (Hint: Is the rising/setting of the sun convincing evidence? Have you ever encountered a Foucault Pendulum?)

    • I’m a Post Graduate Physicist. Just trying to learn the way to explain ideas to my students. I know every bit of special relatively.

    • Good stuff so far

    • Good stuff. Pretty simple but complicated as well

    • If the earth were orbiting the sun without spinning then shouldn’t the day and night cycle be different from what we observe?

    • We can say Earth is spinning on its axis while revolving round the sun because we experience day and night seperately.If it was not spinning the day and night phenomana i think, would not occur daily , in some place there would be complete darkness and in someplace it would be daytime.

    • The effects of coriolis acceleration (hurricanes, etc.)

    • We are spinning relative to many other things we can observe in space.

    • Corriolis effect is a good candidate for this matter.

    • I like how simple but yet so complicated the world can be!

    • very helpful.

    • We experience Day and night

    • We experience day and night cycles, and we are not moving in a constant direction.

    • There are various way to feel that the earth is rotating in its orbit→
      1.the day and night effect,
      2.the seasonal changes,
      3 the coriolis force for which the cyclones,hurricanes etc. takes place,
      4.period of Foucault pendulum
      And so on…….

    • We experienced the day and night and also we feels the seasonal changes that’s how we can feel that earth is spinning..

    • From the fact that we experience alternate days and nights at the same location.

    • Professor said that Earth is not Inertial frame for one even if one is at rest on earth.
      What about the case where Greece and Adam are both on earth, at the same time,Greece is at rest and Adam is moving with constant speed towards the East. Both of them will be in Inertial frame with respect to each other.
      In that case isn’t Earth an Inertial frame?

    • Coriolis force and by external satellite perspective

    • I love it that this is free. i’m from teh Philippines I ‘d want my son to learn all this, he’s ten. And we can learn together.

    • If the Earth wasn’t spinning, one side of the Earth would be “day” for months while the other side would be “night”.

      I hope that it’s comprehensible… I have trouble putting my thoughts into words.

    • The Sun rises in the East and sets in the West with a circadian cycle. Also, every night stars/planets rise in the East and set in the West. This is due to Earth spinning not the distant stars actually moving with respect to the Earth, it’s the Earth that is spinning on its axis anti-clockwise.

    • the day and night

    • Great way to begin with!

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