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2.4 Irreducible Systems in Nature

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    • How can examples of systems in nature that exhibit irreducibility (like the unpredictability of weather storms) be harnessed for human purposes?

    • The unpredictability of the spread of coronavirus can be studied and the data might be used to stop the spread if possible.

    • I think one way is to observe a particle in superposition – that’s going to be random by default. There’s even an app called “Universe Splitter” on iOS that allows you to perform a measurement on a particle in superposition and based on its outcome do a particular action which is guaranteed to be random.

      I am not exactly sure how does the Rule 30 Cellular Automata is random – I mean, sure, the outcome looks random, but how do you choose a subset of that result set? Isn’t the decision of choosing going to be determined? Isn’t it the same as using a random number generator with a seed? Or is that actually the point, that’s what a random number generator uses under the hood?

    • One way is that they may be used as inputs for other systems

    • 🙂

    • The unpredictability of certain elements is also a strength and a weakness. By being able to infer from these models we can begin to create truly random systems. This randomness can be used to perform many different things. We can rely upon their unpredictability. There are numerous use cases for this.

    • Irreducibility in weather can allow for variations.

      This will not include Moscows airport type of weather control to prevent fog.

      Weather warfare was outlawed in the 1954 Geneva Convention.

      So how can we have irreducibility? Weather is only a three day predictive outcome. Irreducibility allows for 4 day outcome guesstimates almost always off target.

    • People worldwide are adjusting to new and more extreme weather by strengthening warning, shelter, and protection systems.

    • Thank you, for the first time I understand the language of computing from a new perspective. Subverted my understanding of computing and computer languages. People do a lot of things with computers, such as predicting the weather. It’s hard to imagine what the world would be like without weather forecasting.

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