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2.4 Irreducible Systems in Nature

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    • How can examples of systems in nature that exhibit irreducibility (like the unpredictability of weather storms) be harnessed for human purposes?

    • The unpredictability of the spread of coronavirus can be studied and the data might be used to stop the spread if possible.

    • I think one way is to observe a particle in superposition – that’s going to be random by default. There’s even an app called “Universe Splitter” on iOS that allows you to perform a measurement on a particle in superposition and based on its outcome do a particular action which is guaranteed to be random.

      I am not exactly sure how does the Rule 30 Cellular Automata is random – I mean, sure, the outcome looks random, but how do you choose a subset of that result set? Isn’t the decision of choosing going to be determined? Isn’t it the same as using a random number generator with a seed? Or is that actually the point, that’s what a random number generator uses under the hood?

    • One way is that they may be used as inputs for other systems

    • 🙂

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