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4.1 A Radical Alternative

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    • Sounds plausible if the bounce works mathematically…

    • This model seems to be plausible at all.

    • This does represent a very appealing theory – a cyclical process that looks much like a wave processing from node to node – no beginning and no ending – no awkward question about what came before, just wait long enough and the answers will all come to you (very Zen) 🙂
      It is a pity that the big science research grants seem to follow the dramatic, spectacular route, and it would be nice to see more resources being applied to plan B and plan C.

    • Who completely understands dark energy?

    • Procrastination areas won`t take over, they will just shrivel away.

      The hot and cold regions of the CMB can be explained in quantum fluctuations of a Big Bounce.

      Science in China allows for hot and cold concepts in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

    • Sounds like another way to ignore infinity. The universe begins and ends over and over, or never began or ended, and has always existed?

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