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4.3 Ocean Preservation

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    • What ways can you play a role in preserving the ocean for future generations, whether it is in your day-to-day life, working on policy, or creating an innovative solution?

      After adding your thoughts, visit Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue “Hope Spots” map to view areas around the world that provide hope as they are home to particularly threatened species, are major migration corridors, and more.

    • Reduce or even stop consuming tuna and other ocean life in inland areas. Collecting plastics away before they drift downwards to the oceans. Reducing harmful chemical emissions. Demanding more ocean and sealife friendly products.

    • Everything you do. Every meal, every sip of water or beverage. Whatever you take in you take on. Whatever resources you consume and use has an effect on the environment, immediate and big picture. Turn back the hands of time far enough, every molecule is related. We are all literally family, every thing that exists. Those who act like it, gratitude and appreciation. Those still in the dark, you’ll get there and soon. ????????

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    • We can all play a role as responsible, measured consumers of ocean produce.

    • After learning plastic bags can be mistakenly eaten by marine turtles as their favorite food “Jellyfish”, and they eventually die of stomaches full of plastics. I refused to use plastic bags whenever I can, and use my own reusable bags instead. As consumers, we choose products can support sustainable living, recycle, reuse with less waste and pollution for generations to come. As manufacturers, when making future products must think innovatively, using recycled and biodegradable materials that nature can resolve overtime without harsh chemical residues to pollute our children and the planet. As policymakers, we have to rethink the way we treat our waste, how to prevent landfill trashes end into the ocean, abandoned fishnets and overfishing…when a problem as big as the ocean, it’s an effort needs to be done collectively, but I believe the power of common good will, when each one individual plays one’s own role and act with our future generation in mind, our human race can be sustained, I wish.

    • Being conscious and spreading the awareness with people around me. Also me and cofounder will be working on a VR experience dedicated to this cause.

    • Human beings must change. We must assemble a group of intelligent people to oversee the transition from a dying planet & human race to a recovering one. We can make an app to keep all people involved in this transition. Science must be there but also other leaders. We can advance, we can save ourselves. But the time to wait is gone.

    • I choose environmentally conscious when I can, and I take the time to understand it all better like taking this course.

    • I don’t eat seafood (though that’s a taste choice, not an ecological one). I teach earth and environmental science to high schoolers and I try to show (rather than just tell) how important the natural world is for the sake of our future survival.

    • Hello Ladies ad Gentlemen,

      It has been a gift to be on syllabus of very decorated people of science.

      Locally i do not own a bike. In observations of how most people in the world have a bicycle, i also bike everywhere.

      Sourcing Flax and Borage for the omega-3 oils and their content is an alternative to killing the fish.

      The cravings for omega three oils show our bodies seem not to manufacture the material. Our bodies are said to make omega-9 and diets are usually too high in omega-6 content.

      Off to visit Sylvia Earle Hope Spots and Mission Blue!❄❄❄❄⛄☃⛄☃⛄☃⛄💧💦


    • As long as we become more and more conscious to understand nature, we should not change ourselves to make ecological choices.

    • I will try to spread the fantastic ideas that gives hope for the oceans and see if we have similar projects in Sweden 🙂

      Very good course!

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