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4.6 Theory of Everything

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    • Is unification something we can potentially reach? Do you think it is possible to find a “theory of everything,” or will we inevitably continue to look for a deeper fundamental understanding?

    • I think that we will inevitably continue, almost surely.

    • “Why we are always chasing after something” A quote that has given me the answer: Humans want more and more each time they get what they want, so inevitably continue is inevitable.

    • A theory of everything must also be a theory of human consciousness, which is an objective phenomenon in the universe. It must also be a theory of theories because theories too are an objective phenomenon.

    • Unification is the act of examining assumptions and constructing a new basis of axioms that have some wider range of explanatory power than before. I doubt if there is a boundary to that.

    • I would say that there is a theory of everything and it probably has a simple form and can in principle be known by a human mind. Of course, there are other ontological problems (such as the hard problem of consciousness or explaining what “energy is” or what “electric charge is”) that are not possible to answer even in principle.

    • yes, it is possible to find a “theory of everything.” But there is some defect or incompleteness in some theories of physics. Something is near but still far….

    • It’d take a good global collaborative systematical approach to find a “theory of everything”

    • Only one way to find out. Set the goal and see what we discover. It’s bound to be interesting and fruitful.

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