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5.4 The Cyclic Model

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    • A particle physicist might tell you that the most exciting new physics discovery we could make would be to find evidence of supersymmetry at the LHC–that is, physics beyond the Standard Model. But if we imagine there is no physics beyond the Standard Model, we find that our vacuum is metastable–a plus for the cyclic model. If there were nothing beyond the Standard Model, would you see this as a good thing or a bad thing? Explain your answer.

    • The (classical) Standard Model only covers a tiny part of the mass scale up to the Planck mass, so it would be extremely unlikely (and disappointing) not to find anything beyond. A different issue comes up as to HOW this region might be explored. The current technology is limited, and even some perspectives of improvement, as promising as it is, will not open up a large amount of that region. Of course, disproving the “Cyclic Model” would perhaps be worth it (and be fun) …

    • Stable vacuum might be more comfortable.

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