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5.4 Beyond the Higgs

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    • In April 2015, the LHC began its second run, with collisions at much higher energies, as it searches for (among other things) the long-sought supersymmetric partners. But what if we don’t find any new particles at the expected energy scales? Would you advocate for building an even bigger machine to search for them? Or is it time to spend that money elsewhere? Explain your answers.

    • Stay the course!

    • A year ago I would have considered ways to develop a stronger collider, especially looking at new technologies to do so (eg. laser collisions). This year, the pandemic has imposed limitations especially on the financial sector, leading to focussing significant financial ressources on the immediate medical needs as well as covering commercial and humanitary ones. Consequently, my idea would be to hold our breath with collider development, making as much use of the LHC as possible, while thinking about new technologies. Among the field of technology, the IT sector needs to be thought about as well, given the limits of data to be processed with the LHC.even today.

    • Physicists would get excited if the LHC didnt find some expected results at higher energies. That means there is new physics to understand! That being said, let the experiential results set the path of the next step. Work is already being done for the new Linear collider. Financial constraints and world economic issues may slow construction but it should move forward.

    • I’m advocating more powerful and advanced units. This is due to the fact that more spin off innovations and technology transfer will essentially take place. In these megaprojects there will also be megachallenges, thus industry must develope new technology.

    • First check out laser methods

    • I believe that money does not have to be afraid of loss in everything that has to do with investigations

    • New investments are needed if nothing supposed will be found. There will of be new theories and new findings in the way, will they be positive or negative in nature.

    • Maybe a big machine woulde be necesary

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