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    • At the turn of the 21st century, it seemed like all major discoveries in South Africa had been made already. Resources and attention to this region began to dry up. Remaining persistent, Lee Berger made an incredible find in 2008, in an area that had already been extensively explored. How do you remain motivated on a lengthy task? What keeps you going, when others have already given up?

    • You remain motivated with your passion and love for your field of work.

    • Other teams who gave up have published their data and combining this data to “my data” and recycling this new mass of data perhaps provides new opportunities. The most valuable pieces of data are those dead ends found earlier.

    • Conviction is a belief that continued work will lead to greater understanding. Achievement gives purpose to life.

    • What kept Lee Berger going? I think his perseverance and thinking out of the box, for example using the GPS and imagining the topography of the region within the time window of interest.

    • When everyone says ”you’re crazy” or “who are you to challenge that”, I know I am on the right path. Going against the grain and paradigm has always proven to be the case in every major breakthrough and paradigm shift. The majority of people do not like change and will not embrace it at first, second or even third glance. The bold and brazen will continually be the forward way of nuance thinking that will always perpetuate the evolution of our species, whatever species that may be.

    • Great perspective on the importance of persistent hard work and the geology of scientific discovery. This glacious process of moving toward eureka moment. It is hard to even comprehend the scope of it, all the different branches of science slowly grinding forward.

    • The motivation comes from the curiosity to understand or answer a question, combined with the passion in a subject. Any long drawn tasks, without these ingredients is unlikely to continue the efforts in long run.

    • Self determination and little bit of pattern emergence are enough to go on bus still one needs to continuously strive hard for it as Lee Berger did.

    • What keeps me motivated is knowing that you have to make the impossible possible, and that you can never give up.

    • Probably character and a theory and the future innovation option

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