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3.6 The Age of Exploration

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    • It’s clear that Lee Berger considers making scientific findings openly accessible to the public an important step. He also encourages young scientists to be a part of his team. Why do you think these things are important to science?

    • They’re so important because it helps people get interested and keep the field of science alive.

    • Keeping data publicly open is important in order to keep as much people as possible in the loop thus several not so clearly visible errors. Being part of the team means more resources available.

    • It’s important to make scientific findings openly accessible to the public, otherwise science is just an exclusive club. Why should the rest of us pay for the hobby of a few?

    • Its just as important as sleeping

    • H. Sapiens acting scientifically is vital to the survival and evolution the species. Not all of the 7 billion humans on the planet act this way. Examples of this include, but are clearly not limited to, adherents to conspiracy theories, dogmatic religious believers, and parents who prevent their child from being vaccinated. The public must engage in critical and rational thinking, otherwise, science and H. Sapiens will become extinct.

    • Science is the consequence of the entire human action space….we all need to be part, as we all are part, of the evolutionary landscape we study and perhaps we can shape going forward!

    • After doing 3 other courses this is still my favorite.
      I having been think about this course. How did they crawl thew the caves tight places without burning themselves with their torches? Did they even have torches that long ago? Was evidence torches found in the cave? Maybe there was another entrance that has caved in. Was evidence of a cave in, inside the cave? What about on the surface is there another possible caved in cave entrance? On the surface would be best, easier to dig out. Maybe more fossils to be found.

    • Nuance open minded approaches will always deliver more options to explore, by default leading to more discovery. It is very welcoming to know leaders in their field still hold true to exploring the unexplored, re-exploring and possibly re-inventing historical finds and timelines thought to be set in stone. There is more past the horizon and everything doesn’t revolve around Earth, once thought to be Hersey.

    • Yeah, Encouragement and motivation always leads to try again and again but one should see progress in his/her work to remain motivated. So one should chose the field he is interested in and work ceaselessly. It is then he will explore what’s out there.

    • It is always necessary to incorporate young people to every endeavor to transmit to them the passion for discovery and to further our species’ knowledge

    • It is always essential to look backwards and understand the process of our evolution. This gives us the insights of how conciseness and our senses have developed over thousands/millions of years, which will further help is decoding our present understanding of our 3 dimensional world and opening the limits of our brain to more hidden dimensions. I hope we have a timeline from the date of which the hominids have evolved into us and a classification of whose roots come from where. This will change the perspective at which we look at the artificial barricades of religion, color etc. and give a sense of unity amount all of us.

    • It is important that everyone has access to knowledge, no one should limit it. Young people can do great things

    • These discoveries affect all humanity and so need to be made public. There is huge mutual benefit in young scientists helping on such a project.

    • Es muy importante el conocimiento

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