World Science Scholars
4.2 Shedding New Light on Dark Matter

Priyamvada Natarajan discusses findings of a September 2020 study published in the journal Science with Brian Greene, Columbia University Professor of Physics and Mathematics and co-founder of the World Science Festival. This research, conducted by Professor Natarajan and a team of international researchers, shows that theorists’ understanding of dark matter may still be missing crucial information about the concentration of dark matter associated with cluster galaxies. This conversation was recorded on September 16, 2020.

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Pa Clark
Wow! What a discussion, absolutely riveting. Priya had me spellbound with her knowledge and explanation of dark matter.
Roger Puffett
Absolutely, you nailed it - nothing to add.
Luke Gurbin
Prof. Richard Gott has conceptualizing of a cosmic web with locations of galaxy formation as predictable. Mapped out. Guth- Linde- Gott developments. Gott should be on WSU!

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