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4.4 Observational Signatures

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    • The interference patterns observed in simulations of superfluid dark matter, if borne out by observations, would constitute the largest quantum effect we have ever observed. The thought of massive bulks of dark matter behaving coherently at a quantum level is staggering. Does this seem like a contradiction to you? Do we need to revise our understanding of the quantum world and its relevance to the scale at which we live, if such massive quantum effects turn out to exist? Explain your thinking.

    • Well, certainly this is conjuring up an observation which yet remains to be seen “out there”. However, there IS an observation which may be one of the largest string physics effects ever seen: A cosmic string (!). The corresponding article has been published some time ago and can easily be found in the Cornell archive. Having a really strong clue of a cosmic string (according to a prediction of string theory) sets a very high standard which is hard to be challenged.

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