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1.5 Einstein’s Gravity

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    • Dark matter is known to exist primarily because of its large-scale gravitational effects. Nothing is definitively known about the particle or particles that compose the dark matter. How likely do you think it is that an understanding of the particle nature of dark matter can be reached on Earth?

    • Finding something that has eluded us since nearly a century is less likely every day. Moreover: Since the HST has found about 10 times as many galaxies as previously accounted for (some “real” dark matter), and considering much more deeply the workings of “dark energy”, which works in analogy with gravity, plus looking at working theories of modified gravity (like MOND) there are lots of clues disfavouring dark matter (although it was a stroke of a genius at the time).

    • The particle nature of dark matter is the simplest solution to the gravity like effects that cause the rotation curves of galaxies. Even if the next running of the LHC or the experiments under ground don’t find either WIMPS or MACHOS, experimentalists wont give up. Its been only 8 years since the Higgs confirmation.. It the particle theory is right, it’s just a matter of time, technology, and statistics. In the meantime, I’m sure there are plenty of theorist looking for a new theory as radical as Einstein’s gravity is compared to Newton’s gravity to explain “dark matter.”

    • The future of Dark matter lies at the heart of future colliders hitting for higher energies or approaching the issue from a different angle as the one normally used. The high luminosity LHC and the future concept of a 100 km circular accelerator will answer many questions which I hope will reveal a particle of Dark matter.

    • I think it is an issue of time.

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    • The presence of Dark Matter is required to be established and proved to really understand if it has any gravitational effect.

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