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1.5 The Powers and Perils of Technology

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    • What are some ways we might be able to harness the power of technology to monitor and improve the health of our oceans?

    • Monitoring environmental conditions and pollution. On the other hand developing pollution removal technology. Developing land based technology is important too. We must develop land based processes in such a way they do not pollute our oceans. On the other those existing processes should be developed in recycling sea pollutants as raw material.

    • Satellites are being used to monitor the ocean, also lager test tubes are set afloat (below surface) used to monitor the ocean, and ships are used. Tagging fish and autopsies of fish are also used.

    • Satellites are being used to monitor the ocean, also lager test tubes are set afloat (below surface) used to monitor the ocean, and ships are used. Tagging fish and autopsies of fish are also used.

    • The technology has always been there, Nikola Tesla knew it. The societal hierarchy and greed of the 1% of the 1% hold far too much power. Until some real change happens there, at the highest layers of rulership, all other collaborative efforts will fall short. (

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    • GIS, space imaging, remote sensing, underwater recording, all of which can help with monitoring the conditions and track the movement of the oceans, detect and alert the problems need immediate care and define MPAs, utilizing clean energy powered watercraft and all transportations to name a few.

    • Educating fisherman and sailors who are more close to ocean can be a small boost to start with this big process. Once educated they can use the current technology to find news ways to innovate on preservation and help to build a sustainable environment. A proper reward mechanisms for Big corporation who comes up with new ways to identify and solve these problem. It all boil downs to Market and economics and hence educating children to work for companies which are environment conscious. Change the definition of money by giving equal weightage to carbon credits hence finding a new equation for building wealth and economies.

    • Track shipping and the emissions from ships.

    • Spreading information and knowledge regarding our oceans, what is good and what is bad for them.

    • Using our technology to heal the planet, and find better ways than fossil fuels. Education can only go so far, there has to be a will for change.

    • We must greatly reduce the amount of pollutants allowed into our waterways that flow into our oceans, Pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals used in manufacturing plus coal ash which is changing the oceans temperature and currents which effect our weather patterns and composition of the atmosphere.

    • We can recycle, reuse or biodegrade everything. Technologically speaking, apps can be used to give us best practices in recovering our planet, these apps can recommend washable food storage instead of plastic containers, biodegradable packaging, & other ways to get to zero pollution. Also, we can drive electric cars that require no batteries by developing solar and wind generators. Driving generates wind, if we start a vehicle using solar & then use wind to propel it constantly, we will no longer need fossil fuels for our cars.

    • Education should be the foundation for improving the health of our oceans. Many people are likely unaware of the impact the ocean has on their lives.

    • Chlamydomonas reinhardtii in the landfills, and solar power. Let’s appreciate the sun while we’re improving the ocean ecology too.

    • As technology costs decrease, it becomes easy and cheaper to deploy more monitors (data buoys, animal trackers, etc.), which could provide finer detail on local/regional conditions. This could help provide a better baseline to work from when monitoring the potential benefits of new programs (no-fishing zones, reduced tourism in sensitive areas, quiet zones with reduced shipping, etc.). If the better data provided good evidence of benefits, we could focus our resources on the most effective approaches and the ocean would benefit.

    • Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

      Monitoring and improving the oceans also involve mapping them.

      It is not often we see the maps of huge inner waters inside the Earth that also are part of Sylvia Earle syllabus.

      Ecosystems monitored from the sky with space technology fully allows a non-boundary science that mech warfare tells us is to be looked over. Ocean boundaries are not often well defined. This is different in circumpolar regions now, with mineral wealth on ocean floors being a prize.

      Technologies ensuring the health often introduces sciences we cannot condone- such as nuke waste material dumped into trenches off the coast of Novoya-Zemlaya.

      Then we find out that circumpolar science remediates radiation faster in the cold, and adds to uranyl content of the atmosphere to shield life from radiation.

      Will science and opinion ever see that adding uranyl to the oceans allows better ozone protection?

    • Remote sensing technology can monitor the pollution degree of atmosphere, water and soil, and track the environmental pollution in real time. At present, people should strengthen the research of remote sensing technology, further improve the spectral resolution of instruments, and improve remote sensing technology. Remote sensing technology can provide people with rich image information. People should apply modern scientific knowledge to remote sensing technology to make the images processed by remote sensing technology more accurate and ensure the quality of environmental monitoring.

    • I think that “learning by playing” is important. It should be taught at an early age. In kindergarten and first grade to children so as we grasp the concepts at an early age. And for us “older” it should be integrated in what we play. For example in video games or movies. A movie depicting the problem in a thrilling way with a story or by a videogame where you try to adress the problem. Think Ocean simulator as compared to say Farm Simulator. Great course and site by the way. Heard of it through the comic book Lazarus by the way as to show how we use entertainment as means to solving?

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