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1.6 The Size of Our Cosmos

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    • The sheer enormity of the cosmos is highlighted in this Master Class. Some thinkers believe this makes us minuscule in comparison. Is the human race insignificant in the grand scheme of things? Explain your answer.

    • The way that I see it is that the human race in terms of the infinitely large universe can be comprehended to be insignificant in the grand scheme of things. But if we look at it from our standpoint, we can see that what we have discovered is significant to us.

    • What is the substance that makes up the inflationary model?

    • Human race and whole earth is miniscule from the perspective of whole cosmos. But from our perspective it’s all and everything; it’s all what we have!

    • Whether we are insignificant to something else that exists outside of our small piece of space is irrelevant; because, until we are aware of their existence, we are the only inhabitants of our kind in the entire known reality. Therefore, logically, we have to be the most significant creation. I believe that God is our creator and science will one day catch up with its perspectives and experimentation to prove that everything God has told us since the beginning of time is factually true. This means when God said he created man in His own likeness, he gave us the ultimate significance – even more important than all of the angels that came before us. I am excited to one day be a part of the original energy stream that is God’s consciousness.

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