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    • The inflationary theory has been able to provide answers to many questions that were previously thought to be outside the purview of science. Yet, even though our fundamental understanding of the evolution of the universe has progressed significantly, we seem no closer to resolving various key issues, like “What was before the Big Bang?” Do you think we will ever reach a full understanding of questions such as these, or will our progressions in science only expose new unanswerable mysteries?

    • Yes, what was before big bang? What and how was our universum at t0? Was there something before big bang or from what our universe actually started? These questions concerning the fundamental beginning are tough ones. Maybe that will belong to the realm of mystery or faith and all science should start from planck unit after t0. Who knows…

    • The idea of a multiverse answers quite a few questions, the one about a period before “our” big bang possibly being easier than most others. One of the problems with it is simply the vocabulary: How do you name the space between the individual universes? Relevant, because big bangs happen right there, right now – and are not likely to stop. Another possibility, not quite so evident: Our universe might have a predecessor, but there are a few problems with this idea too.

    • My expectation is that we will be able to look back progressively further in time but there may be an asymptotic stopping point, and more questions will also always be raised and remain unanswered.

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