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1.7 Power Laws

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    • What can you think of that wouldn’t scale as described by power laws?

    • The processing power of a brain. (Pure guess)

    • Scaling seems to be a very helpful tool, and combining that with the power laws makes every posibility certan, so without those two elments, we are left with uncertancy. but isn´t that the fun about science? studying the uncertan.

    • Calorie consumption with size for different animal types

    • Oh my, since I am still unfamiliar with the terms here, I find this to be a difficult question. Do we take into account quantum physics and particles, or, just what has been discussed herein so far? Would this apply to size of the universe, or perhaps the structure of a proton? I find myself unable to answer due to the emensity of the variables that could apply to it. I think my brain may be too smoothe and shiny to grasp the basic information I should be processing by this time. Can power laws be applied to everything, of course. Will they hold true to their function, I really cannot say… 😞

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