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2.1 Life at Different Scales

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    • Most of what occurs in cities are earth is hostile to life. You ignore the drug abuse, homelessness, pollution because you have no complete physical awareness of your world. The foundation of the human race is devoid of evidence & uses no law to govern society that allow life. Until cities run according to evidence, there will be only sustained decline. In short, the human race must advance if it is to recover & eventually survive its first social system. An advanced social system must be established in one city or even university, before the human race can expect to live.

    • Social networking… Connections of information. Systems that recur across systems. Networks to describe life. Information drives things to happen.

      Thank you to Prof. Sara Walker for this audit course.
      Social environments used to make decisions. Aggregates for social informations.

    • not have reply

    • I think computers are another example of “someone, somewhere”, as an extension of someone that can be interacted with and in a way that hurts their feelings, and it sounded like that was said. Cyber bullying is bad and always remember the golden rule in “interacting”.

    • Recognizing a biosignature depends on the use of the five senses of the human being. Since there is a life form that is undetectable through these senses, shouldn’t we look for other methods of identification?

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