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2.4 Particle Physics and Dark Matter

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    • How do you think particle physics might eventually impact our understanding of dark matter?

    • Whether with the discovery of supersymmetric particles or not, I think the discoveries in particle physics will be of the utmost importance. Perhaps new data will appear that will redirect the course of research on cosmology and other fields of physics.

    • yes

    • I think in order to fully detect and understand dark matter that major advances have to be done and we may even have to achieve faster than light technology beforehand. I think one possible (but probably unlikely) reason that dark matter does not reflect light and largely escapes detection is because it travels faster then the speed of light, hence needing FTL technology first, the keys to which lay most likely within the particle and quantum physics.

      Regardless of the above statement, I believe that we will be able to better detect the visible effects that dark matter has on particles as our collider detection techniques and high-energy experimentation capabilities increase.

    • If new particles are discovered, that could explain the missing mass (I think).

    • It could eg. explain missing mass in our Universe

    • We could discover supersymmetric particles and use the theory together with the experimental results and astronomical observations and check if the dark matter could actually be in the form of an LSP = Lightest Supersymmetric Particles. Personally, I take this strongly under consideration as a potential candidate for dark matter.

    • I think if we understand more about particle physic, it might eventually let to discoveries of new things that might be related to dark matter.

    • I think super symmetry is the best candidate for dark matter

    • Actually super symmetry is failing as a theory.

    • Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

      The convergence of forces at about ten to the fifteen seems to be what dark energy is.

      Particle physics allows for this as a possible explaination for dark matter.

    • Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

      I found a great pic of unification energies Prof. Barry talks about.

      See it here on my really astronomical Pinterest board! 🙂

      Thanks to Prof. Greene for allowing us to be taught by such world greats!

      It is great to be inspired amoungst decorated Scientists.

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