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2.6 The Multiverse Theory Discussion

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    • In the multiverse, different physical regions are so far apart and independent that residents in a given region might not ever even be capable of finding direct evidence that any other regions exist. What do you think about the burden of proof in this situation? Do you side with those who say the theory is impossible to disprove, or impossible to prove? Or do you land somewhere in the middle?

    • My position is that the theory is impossible to disprove; in fact, there are several good arguments which support the theory, string theory (yes, another theory which remains hard to prove) being one of them (cf. probable Calabi-Yau spaces).

    • Both positions are currently valid, but we cannot prove the impossibility of future potential tests.

    • Since we cannot prove or disprove any of these theories, we are in the land of Utopia where anything might be possible, like parallel universes in which different outcomes are played out (butterfly effect etc.). While it may seem tempting to play around with these ideas, I´d prefer some hard evidence to prove or disprove these theories. Given the enormous progress science is making I´m hopeful (if not confident).

    • I think I sit somewhere in the middle on this topic.
      Sandokan Sahara-Khan

    • If a conjecture regarding reality cannot be tested to prove or disprove its validity, then it currently positions itself as being not worthy of extensive rational discussion. That does not prevent ongoing examination by theorists, and for the proponents of any particular ‘theory’ to defend their pet idea – it is simply that any further discussion at this time is logically pointless – it is just becomes a marketing exercise to attract further advocates in support of an unprovable hypothesis.

    • I think the theory is impossible to disprove; in fact, there are several good arguments which support the theory,

    • Just lost another 1/2 hour of work by pressing a wrong button.

      The opacity of the electromagnetism beyond the CMB says volumes.

      The concept of a soccerball with patches sounds good to me. Life in our NorthAm patch isn t life over in Australia, ok.

      What I am curious about are he ripples and growths, if our ball is open yet the concept is closed.

      The physics of a multiverse can be explained and improved with further insight. The universe can reveal how some patches may be in different flux while ours has stabilized.

      The burden of proof is updating the big bang while placing it differently as the story evolves. The burden of proof is in the words of experts, their analysis and budgeted results.

    • The opacity of electromagnetism!

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