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3.5 Genetic Code of the Universe Discussion II

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    • One can argue that our universe appears to be finely tuned. For example, had the energy density in the early universe been much lower (and negative), the universe would have rapidly collapsed; were it higher, the universe would have expanded so quickly that galaxies would have never formed. Is it asking too much of science to explain such features? Should we accept them as lucky accidents? Or, as some would argue, acts of divine providence?

    • The multiverse provides us with a satisfactory answer to this question: In the multitude of universes, all options are open, all variations can and will happen. We just happen to live in a universe where we note the conditions or, if you like, finely tuned elements.
      To note that other universes might have intelligent life dealing with exactly the same questions, yet under totally different circumstances/ laws/ constants etc.

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