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3.6 Non-uniformity of the Universe

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    • A lot of the discussion so far has focused on ensuring that the universe is homogeneous, which it is, on large scales. But if we look around the universe, there is a lot of evidence of inhomogeneity too (after all, the Sun is over there, and Jupiter is way over there — these are small-scale inhomogeneities). What do you think can account for these non-uniformities? (Professor Guth will answer this later in the course, but try to think of some possible explanations.)

    • When the big bang happened, Quarks were scattered across the universe by high energy photons, in order for the universe to reach thermodynamic equilibrium, these later formed elements are forced together by gravity, in order to do work, letting the universe eventually becoming completely homogenous.

    • Gravitational effects compounding small initial inhomogeneities since the Big Bang + the large absolute volume of the observable universe in which to look for

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