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3.6 Research Possibilities

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    • In recent years, organoids have presented an exciting new avenue of research for biologists. What research possibilities can you think of that would not have been possible previously?

    • Able to use organoids where full organs cannot be used in case of death and damage

    • Replace organs with organics in case of damage or failure.

    • Cloning is outlawed in older days, in Canada.

      Often this is job security, similar to how Brazil allows self-driving mining equipment, but unions here don`t allow for that.

      The new crowd in NorthAm also forgets chip placements inside bodies was at one time also outlawed.

      Yet, instead of Ukrainians selling their kidneys to wealthy people for a few thousand dollars in Istanbul, kidneys can now be grown for replacements.

    • la regeneracion de organos a partir de modelos de organoides

    • A research possibly that could now be possible due to this development is using the organoids test the effectiveness of antibiotics/find a way to ensure the antibiotics effectiveness. This is useful when considering the antibiotic crisis we are in.

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