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3.8 Implications for Humans and Future Research

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    • Did Professor Herculano-Houzel’s findings change or reinforce your perception of human exceptionalism? What other recent neuroscience research has helped us understand our place in the world among different species?

    • This course opened many aspects of brains. I learned new about bird brains and to what extent human brains are exceptional. This course also taught me about the relations of different species. Good course!

    • Each human is exceptional in having a unique brain that could be hugely different from its peers. Fantastic course- with thanks!

    • Actually, no. I am finding it hard to follow some of her findings and conclusions. The main thing that stymies me is that she says, in the last three videos, something that doesn’t quite settle her argument. Mainly that the number of neurons in the cortex is somehow related to “intelligence”. Using that premise, would that not make birds the top winner? Can some one please elaborate for me why this is or is not true? Do birds require more neurons to assist in navigation through the air, or remember where and when to migrate. Something is a bit off here in my opinion. Thanks for the course, as it is always interesting to hear the opinions of others on subjects that keep me curiously interested. Cheers!

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