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    • I am finding the math challenging and I am repeating this Module. I love c=foot/nanosecond. I find that exciting. Yet, I haven’t done any geometry in over 40 years. I am refreshing myself with you tube geometry.

      I also want to thank you for providing these classes to the public, for free no less! I have enjoyed three courses already and I have learned so much. They have really stretched my mind, so to speak.

      I am determined to make it through Special Relativity Math Course if it takes me the next next year to do so.

    • I haven’t done any formal maths in 10 years but I stumbled across this youtube channel which describes the geometry of Special Relativity brilliantly;

      I would encourage everyone to view this playlist as it gives a visual understanding of the mathematics.

    • Thank you, Jack. I am on Ch 4 – Lorentz contraction. The instructor is smooth and I can follow him.

    • Thank you Jack. That’s a huge help.

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