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    • We now know that LIGO successfully detected a gravitational wave originating from a binary black hole merger on September 14, 2015, four days before LIGO was going to officially begin taking data. At the time of detection LIGO was still in an “engineering mode”, testing systems in anticipation of a data-taking run. This may have been extremely fortunate timing. How much of a role do you think luck plays in scientific research? Do you think it is possible that we have missed out on certain observations because in those cases we were unlucky? Explain your answers.

    • When ones telescope points on a small patch of sky, on the night that time on telescope was available, and a rare unpredictable event happens in the field of view, that’s good luck, no other explanation possible.
      Luck only, isn’t good enough, but without it things can be different.

    • Based on the number of detection that we have been seeing since the inception of Advanced LIGO, I think the gravitation waves from Binaries were always there and now we have the technology to detect them. Hope we can make it more precise to detect more and have better understanding of the universe.
      Regarding Luck, i believe that “Luck” is nothing but, all the forces of the universe agreeing on something. As we donot fully understand the universe, we cannot predict Luck, thats all.

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