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5.8 The Mathematics of Speed

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    • In this module I introduced the new velocity combination formula without deriving it. As I’ve mentioned, we will derive it later in the course (in Module 25, in fact), but I feel you should gain familiarity with certain key idea before encountering the additional burden of technical details. I also realize that people have different learning styles, so tell me: Is this an approach that works for you, or do you need to see derivations before you’re comfortable with a new formula?

    • Excellent course. Very well explained and in detail.

    • It’s working for me. I would prefer the question choices to be fractions rather than decimal (eg 6/13 rather than 0.46) but that is only my preference.

    • Awesome

    • works for me

    • I generally prefer to know where did the formula come from before I start using it. Understanding comes before calculation. But I can cope with it …

    • This approach works for me.

    • I think this is a good approach. All my life I have experienced the opposite method of derivation first and I am comfortable with that, but I can see the benefit of your approach.

    • I personally prefer to see derivations of the formula first, I am coping though.

    • This work for me.

    • I found that just using the formula, and choosing to just believe it is true for now is less confusing than deriving the formula before really understanding all the information needed to logically think through where the formula comes from. I was able to look at the answers to the example problems and estimate what the answer should be by just understanding HOW the formula works, not where the formula comes from. Also, realized that I am very rusty on my algebra skills, so the detailed walk through of the answers is much needed. Really enjoying the brain training.

    • It is perfect the way it is now. Enjoying it!

    • it is a good way to make realize the difference with galilean relativity, although not explaining yet the new formula.

    • I’m comfortable either way

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