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    • On March 17, 2014, BICEP2 announced they had potentially found evidence of the existence of primordial gravitational waves. Afterward, there was substantial controversy about the origin of the signal. Do you think potentially major results should be publicly released before being verified by the scientific community, or only after exhaustive peer-review?

    • only after professional and scientific community review and consensus, or single handedly if discovery by a professional

    • Yes they should probably be released asap, suitably caveated that these are 1st indicative results only which are provisional and subject to review, correction and change.

    • They should be presented immediately but also with the neccessary mentions of potential flaws/refutations of the experiment. I think it’s fine as it keeps the field alive and well.

    • Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

      Information leaks and incomplete analysis can cause stress.

      Even non- information leaks are to be questioned however.

      In terms of research, we do know they are onto something. A discovery is in progress.

      Omissions indicate generational supressions. These last 50 years.

      Cultural omissions can last thousands of years.

      So, while people get uncomfortable about info leaks, at least they are not left to be buried, culturally, as taboos.

      With covid vaccines, no ten year trials existed. With Astro-Zenica, i got lockjaw. It lasted a few days, putting out my jawbone a half centimeter or so.

      So sometimes the smoking gun has effects unplanned for. BICEP 2 showed galactic dust, not gravitational waves, but the search continues.

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