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6.8 Relativity of Simultaneity

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    • Professor Brian Greene writes, “When I first learned about the relativity of simultaneity, it radically reshaped my basic understanding of reality. Now, decades later, I still find it to be an absolutely stunning fact about how time works. For those of you who have never encountered the relativity of simultaneity before, did you have the same reaction? And for those who have seen it before, does it still blow your mind? Is there any fact about physics that you consider stranger?”

    • Honestly when I first think I started to grasp a concept of quantum physics a few years ago, that changed the paradigm of my thought patterns perpetually.

    • This is indeed mind-blowing. I have read, that in some circumstances, two observers in different places can’t even agree which of two different events came first. This does sound a bit stranger. I think it is probably related to the information given in this section. Maybe I will understand more as I progress through the course.

    • This aspect of simultaneity is just comment sense, other aspects of simultaneity ????

    • Yes, it is a mind-shocking phenomenon.

    • Quantum mechanics is also stranger!

    • Yes this is absolutely mind blowing. Relativity in general. It’s really depicting how each human has a unique reality for them. And the fact that the past, present and future all exists suggests that the universe is designed specifically for the observer. It’s about us. Each of us can be thought of as essentially the center of the universe.

    • The things I find strange are the facts that I totally understand the relativity of simultaneity..That just blows my mind, time will never be the same again.

    • I can’t believe it!

    • To afirm the existence is something that requires to define what it is existence, not an easy philosofical statement. One thing is the reality for a human and another thing is what is it real.The word real is modern word not use before XVth century. The object independent of us, and the reality of that object for us, are different things, science try to know what the object is itself. Time is a reality for the humans, but is it a real object? a physical entity, or is it just space?
      At the end of this course I hope to understand if time is a phisical object or if it is just a compairaison of movements a concept created to be able to measure movements of objects. Since speep of light is a constant movement then we discover relativity of simultaneity.

    • A clip within the Pitfalls Module shows how everyone who is not moving relative to another will experience the same reality The problem with this is that NO TWO people have ever, or will ever experience exactly the same velocity within this universe.

      This is because everything is moving. The Earth is rotating, the Earth is rotating around the Sun, the Sun revolves around the galaxy, the galaxy itself is moving all the while the universe itself is expanding. Which actually means every single person on Earth experiences a unique reality in the way no two fingerprints are the same.

      And if you think standing still on Earth next to someone is moving the same velocity, think again. This diagram I created depicts the speed difference as every circumference of the Earth rotates at a different velocity. And on a larger scale, every circumference of the Milky Way is rotating at a different velocity.

      Seems, every person past, present and future will experience a unique experience of reality.

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    • What is the time?

    • I don’t know

    • ?

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