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3.5 Building LIGO

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    • Scientific collaboration and cooperation on the scale of LIGO, comprised of hundreds of scientists across the globe, is a relatively new form of scientific experimentation. Do you think this style of experiment is limited to physics experiments, which often require huge sums of money and diverse technical and theoretical expertise? What other fields of scientific study do you think lend themselves well to large-scale, highly-coordinated research?

    • The LHC comes to mind, which represents the currently achievable top of the scale in particle physics (and data evaluation). Then, in astronomy, the James Webb Telescope is bound to expand our view and knowledge of the cosmos, also a collaboration. Clearly, the further the technology develops, the more expensive these scientific probes become, which makes a collaboration necessary; we couldn’t do without.

    • One good example is medicine. In many fields there are already exponentially grown databases over several hundreds of years. This data gives opportunity to build more sophisticated instruments and tools which are of course more expensive. Thus collaboration is needed in every level of expertise.

    • Do planetary motions of our solar system relative to Earth cause gravitational waves? Does that have anything to do with Astrology which essentially studies the influences of our planets , the Sun and the Mon on Human behaviors on Earth?

    • I strongly believe that energy healing is the next big wave. Energy healing has been practiced for centuries and when science and such aforementioned belief systems begin to merge in a more seriously accepted partnership, then we will see seemingly miraculous discoveries.

    • Miracles are to religion as experiments like LIGO are to Scientists. They cannot be repeated that easily. Similarly we have to wait for another pair of black holes to collide to see another gravitational wave signature on LIGO. As sure as scientists are about the collision so are religious buffs sure about miracles.

    • I think everything will have a profit in everything, after all, it is connected

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