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2.5 Cosmic Deceleration

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    • One of Einstein’s great contributions to astrophysics was the idea of a cosmological constant—but he formulated his ideas in the context of long-held assumptions about the universe, which turned out to be false. Technology, in his time, was holding back deeper truths about the universe. Do you think the same can be said today? Will we upend some of our fundamental beliefs in science once technology advances significantly?

    • Yes, definitely. It is not a personal belief but rather a fact that no matter how much we think we know or understand, we would eventually hit a wall or fathom the physics more, marking all previous discoveries as absurd or technically false in a way. The truth is nothing is just “false”- just like the cosmological constant – they are rather essential steps to what we now know.

    • With the advancement of technology today, I do feel in time the deeper truth about the universe will get unrevealed.

    • One of my professors says that “there is no wrong thing in physics. there are just things of which we found a less wrong version”

    • it is true for our generation also. what we find to be now suited or true may not be true or maybe substituted when the proper technological developments comeforth. not onky is the universe,but also human talent and intelligence is also accelerating at rabbit scale. i have heard that coming forth of quantum computers can solve many problems unsolved in astrophysics. we can only hope.

    • maybe . we can only hope for positive developments.

    • this made me interested more to reed the general relative theory..

    • From what i understand, universe has a lot of secrets that are yet to be discovered. Some of the findings are proven mathematically but we cant confirm its actual existence. Although mathematics is the greatest tool to unveil the secret of this universe just like the black hole discovery. As humankind will advance technologically, we will start to find new things out in the universe that will blow our minds in most beautiful way. Integration of technology and mathematics is one thing that is quite necessary to achieve such advancements.

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