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1.6 From Einstein to LIGO


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    • In the fifth Office Hours video in this module, Dr. Weiss tells the story of how he came up with the core idea behind LIGO. He did not, in fact, conceive of LIGO as part of his research, but as a thought experiment, he found helpful when teaching general relativity, a subject he admits he did not understand well at the time. Do you find that teaching a topic to someone else helps you to better understand it yourself? Have you ever been inspired with a great idea by trying to teach someone else? Explain your answers.

    • I do indeed believe that teaching content to other individuals reinforces your learning. By being able to express your ideas and interpret what you have learnt, you often come to deeper realisations, new ideas, or better interpretations of the works that you have studied, leading you down a path of deeper research.

    • Teaching is the best way of learning . while we teach anything we are studying it once again and we will get a lot of ideas about it and much more. and sometimes it may change the whole concept.

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