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    • Einstein was known for visualizing his ideas and theories, and for creating simple but powerful thought experiments to explain the concepts he pioneered. Do you rely on visualizations to understand difficult scientific concepts? How do you wrap your head around the challenging topics you have studied?

    • I often think non verbally and in visualizations. It can be hard to express my ideas to others, but when I finally figure out how to verbally express my ideas, I often gain new insight.

    • Visualizations are a key to understanding an otherwise complex subject. So, even when I studied maths, I used to transfer an equation to the corresponding curve (and do some curve analysis with it), which enhanced understanding significantly. Same thing with relativity (both): Understanding why we don’t experience effects of velocity or varying gravity gets much easier when you draw a simple graph which lets you see immediately what’s going on.

    • Why Gravity is a type 2 metric tensor field ??

    • Certainly. I have a notebook and pencil for these WSU courses. In that notebook I draw rough models in addition to calculations.

    • Visualization is essential for my understanding. Repetition aids any of my studies. I can’t count the how many times I have watched every episode of World Science Festival on YouTube. Muscle memory works and once I feel I have a grasp on a concept, I will research and obsess over it until my inquisitive nature is satisfied, as temporary as that satisfaction might be.

    • Intuitive understanding makes it look worth.Developing such understanding involves visualization,analogies,mathematics and everything.

    • Yes, visualizations help in some cases to understand concepts, and much more those that I imagine in my mind. What I do is create an outline drawing in my mind, and I see it completely clear

    • Similar concept has been discribed in Indian vedas when Lord Narayan sleeping on sarpent in sea. In which sea is pool of different energies, energy passing in the form of waves.

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