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2.6 Modern Understanding of Consciousness

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    • Dr. Koch lays out all of the mental processes that are not consciousness. How do you personally define consciousness? Does your definition include emotion, learning, or other mental functions that have been apparently ruled out as part of consciousness?

    • I do agree with the given definition.I have often observed myself – upon retrospect – doing things without giving much thought to it. But it is quite hard to imagine being concious without actually thinking about something. For me, though conciousness can exist without emotion, learning or other functions I believe meaningful consciousness requires some amount of self-awareness .

    • I disagree. ALL these things are rightly consciousness.

    • La conciencia es parte de uno , con la misma naturaleza impredecible que es uno mismo , es tan nuestra a la ves tan autónoma puesto que nos damos cuenta que existe en nuestras acciones o comportamientos .

    • Todos os processos tem um pouco de autoconsciência. A consciência pode existir sem ambas as ter mas requer autoconsciência

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