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1.6 The 4% Universe

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    • Science appears to have made great progress in understanding the universe. But many of the analyses to date have been focused on the so-called “4%” of our universe, the matter we are familiar with, which is only a fraction of the total energy at large. Does this affect your assessment of how far along we truly are in understanding the universe? Explain your answer.

    • Indeed.We are like small fishes in a fish bowl, trying to figure out whats outside but it is out of our bounds at current technological level.So it would take us long time to unravel that part.

    • The 4% only came in when the accelerated expansion of our universe was discovered, soon coined “Dark Energy” (aka cosmological constant and still confused with the vacuum energy or vacuum expectation value, which is a different story). It was this discovery that affected my assessment of how much we do NOT know – yet.

    • I’m honestly surprised that the part of the universe makes up even 4% of the Universe. There is so much space between even planets even galaxies. I would like to see some evidence for this by looking at planetary bodies within our solar system. There must be so much evidence for this theory that people would feel confident to assert that. I would enjoy learning this for myself.

    • I think that is awesome that we know only the 4% of the Universe.

    • I think we have made great strives in discovering what the universe is and how it works. How awesome is it that from our little planet earth, a speck in the cosmos, and our tiny heads we were able to discover the universe in which we blindly swim, tap on hidden physics laws, and extrapolate to the big bang origin and the perceived indefinite expansion!

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