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1.6 The Expanding Universe


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    • It was only within the last hundred years that we’ve learned the universe is expanding. What do you think we’ll learn about the universe in the next hundred years?

    • Who knows we might learn more about the dark energy and it role in the future and fate of our universe. Well, I have high hope in science especially now that technology continue to become more advance which is very helpful for science.

    • The interesting part is you do not know what to expect. Whenever you learn something and you think you grasp it well enough, you begin believing there is so much more behind that, which is very relatable to dark matter and dark energy that not even experienced researchers know what to expect from.

    • Very interesting course.

    • enjoying it

    • maybe in the forthcoming years we would be able to find where our universe is going . Is it really going to be a big crush or another big bang, or do we have something else entirely in store for us.

    • I was wondering if simple (relative Doubler for light shift equation) can be used for detecting distant star or we should do some other calculation because the whole universe is expanding, and not just a moving star.

    • A lot of course. Universe is a great riddle that we have yet to solve. There are things that we may predict Mathematically but are still out of our reach. I say that with technological advancements that we will have over the next coming century; we will be able to dig deeper into the vastness of this universe, about which we know very little; let alone the possibility of the existence of multiverse being just around the corner. Such understandings will do a good one for the mankind and its expansion.

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