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1.6 The Expanding Universe

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    • It was only within the last hundred years that we’ve learned the universe is expanding. What do you think we’ll learn about the universe in the next hundred years?

    • Who knows we might learn more about the dark energy and it role in the future and fate of our universe. Well, I have high hope in science especially now that technology continue to become more advance which is very helpful for science.

    • The interesting part is you do not know what to expect. Whenever you learn something and you think you grasp it well enough, you begin believing there is so much more behind that, which is very relatable to dark matter and dark energy that not even experienced researchers know what to expect from.

    • Very interesting course.

    • enjoying it

    • maybe in the forthcoming years we would be able to find where our universe is going . Is it really going to be a big crush or another big bang, or do we have something else entirely in store for us.

    • I was wondering if simple (relative Doubler for light shift equation) can be used for detecting distant star or we should do some other calculation because the whole universe is expanding, and not just a moving star.

    • A lot of course. Universe is a great riddle that we have yet to solve. There are things that we may predict Mathematically but are still out of our reach. I say that with technological advancements that we will have over the next coming century; we will be able to dig deeper into the vastness of this universe, about which we know very little; let alone the possibility of the existence of multiverse being just around the corner. Such understandings will do a good one for the mankind and its expansion.

    • We will learn how our universe is as similar as another universe according to MULTIVERSE THEORY in the next hundred years. Also that will possible only when we are able to develop some new mathematical tools which will understand us about DARK MATTER and DARK ENERGY.

    • I find it interesting that humanity looks at what science have managed to deduct so far and yet feels it will take hundreds of years to gain asnwers to some of our most elusive questions such as Dark Energy and Dark matter. We can clearly see how we have speeded up the findings along our history and even in our own lifetime the answers have rained down on us. I am 41 years old and I am excited like a small kid with a present infront of him, about the next 5 to 20 years, nmot to mention next 40 years.

      Just spend time with senior citizens above 70 and closer to 100, and your perspective will shift drastically when it comes to how far humanity have reached in its quest for discovery and understanding.

    • Dark energy and exoplanets plus exomoons are three of the most important areas to work on in the next hundred years. From these studies more areas will develop.

    • The future is uncertain, but humanity will be able to discover things that are not expected at any time. I think dark energy will be one of the cover songs for the next 100 years, and so will exoplanets, and other galaxies. Who knows, nobody knows what the future has in store for us.

    • Idk

    • What is in store for us to discover, we can only restlessly await. However, i believe in the evolution of humanity – that there will always be something more to come of us.
      In response to the question, I immediately and only think of one quote:
      “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change” (Stephen Hawking),

    • We need to find out what dark matter and dark energy actually are, and how they came to exist. Given the accelerating expansion of the universe at the present time, a clue to dark energy at least is that there must be present day processes that add new dark energy to the universe. At least, that is how it seems to me. So maybe we will find out what these processes are and where they can happen.

    • Does dark matter and/or dark energy really exist or it is hypothetical like ‘aether’ and the effects which we think are results of dark matter and dark energy are rather a consequence of more deeper understanding of some basic postulates like deeper understanding of space and time in special relativity revolutionized physics.

    • I think that we might learn more about the Matter-Antimatter asymmetry and why there is an asymmetry, and the nature of Dark Energy.

    • Universe is not going anywhere.
      It’s we on Earth that are moving through the Universe.
      This Uni-Verse is one/singular space.
      Cosmologists conjecture that there many such similar/dissimilar Universes.

    • Any religion or adherence to supernatural beliefs, as can often be found in these comments, is opposed to the scientific method and is a bias of the mind of the researchers who seek true explanations.
      If you were loaded with such beliefs, you received them as a child, when you did not have the chance of an independent opinion or of questioning them. Think about the fate of Galileo, who knew the truth but was obliged to repeal it.
      Learn how to jump out of such loads without despising them, refresh and reset your mind, luckily this is possible during our times.
      I anticipate that the day dark matter and dark energy become explained, there will be many of those who find sort of the same explanation in some sacred old scriptures. I challenge these people to come out right now, when we know very little, and enlighten our researchers with their well kept clues.

    • In the next underdog years, I believe we will know wings unfathomable now. The discoveries we have made today would be considered pseudo science one hundred years ago. Some discoveries will be predictable, the biggest discoveries will be those we can’t imagine.

    • About black holes

    • The composition of the universe.

    • As as technologies such as A.I and quantum computing improve, we will have more powerful modelling tools with which to propose answers to complex cosmological questions. Answering deep philosophical questions such as the age of the universe gives us greater insight to who we are and where we came from. Just imagine if we found compelling evidence for or against a creator. How would that change how we see our fellow humans? My hope is that learning answers to deep questions about the cosmos brings humankind closer together and unifies us in ways we cannot even imagine.

    • there is so much in the universe to learn.This learning process will never end which is very amazing

    • good

    • Key things we might get new evidence for- extra-terrestial life, multiverse, time travel, TOE, harmoniously unifying quantum and relativity theory, identity of dark energy and dark matter

    • I hope that we find an answer to what dark matter and dark energy.

    • in the next hundred years, i hope that we find a faster way to travel space, planets, etc. also hope that we can become a multi planet species, i hope science can make a big jump or a new field of science that we have not discovered, also hope to find extraterrestrial life.

    • more evidence for multiverse

    • Perhaps we will learn about what are dark matter and dark energy. Or we could find supersymmetric partners of standard model. There is lot to learn or find out about.

    • We will realise that with the expanding universe, it will be impossible to detect life elsewhere, even if it exists, as the distances are ever increasing and become in-surmountable. We are lonely and will remain so.

    • It was only within the last hundred years that we’ve learned the universe is expanding. What do you think we’ll learn about the universe in the next hundred years?

      I think the next big mystery to be answered is what happens at T=0, the very moment of creation. And maybe we can also go beyond that to figure out what was happening even befor the Big Bang. Othe than that, I think we may also figure out what dark energy and dark matter really are, because now we can only go as far as defining their influence, but we don’t know what they are yet, despite of them being the most dominant “stuffs” in the universe.

    • I think in the next 100 years, we would have a clear understanding of dark energy and dark matter which have been eluding us for a long time now.

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