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4.5 The First Detection

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    • Do you think the funding of future large-scale, billion-dollar astronomy facilities like LIGO should be a national priority? Explain your answer.

    • To some degree, it’s complicated.

      . New instrument extends LIGO’s reach, the quantum squeezer.

    • Looking at national budgets and their management, you’ll see and understand pretty quickly that no nation, not even the larger ones, could afford to set aside a billion dollar fund (per year!) for a single project. You need to consider building time, in-service support and, finally, the dismantling (i.e. the so-called life cycle costs of a project).

    • Yeah I think Gravitational Waves are the new astrophysical window to what we think as the Cosmos. Dear World Science U, I have two questions for the Experts, these are here
      1. How can Gravitational Waves tell us about the existence of Extra Spatial Dimensions and of indeed Strings in String Theory??
      2. We need a theory for Quantum Space-time and a sophisticated theory of Quantum Gravity, my point is that I study Loop Quantum Gravity so how Gravitational waves can be described by Loop Quantum Gravity??
      3. Why a Gravitational Wave will fail to escape the Event Horizon of a Black Hole??
      4. If a Gravitational Wave will fail from escaping a Black hole, then how we observed those Gravitational waves.
      5. What is the plan after the Magellan telescopes on Earth??

    • I think it should be one of the priorities. The reason is technology transfer to the existing markets and generating new markets.

    • If you can detect macro scale black holes in Macro Quantum Gravity, then have they also detected nano scale black holes in the LHC at the micro quantum level?

    • International priority at the very least. Science is a unifying force for humanity’s prosperity and the furtherance of evolution on a peaceful manner. The more multinational agreements and cooperation that occurs, the better for everyone and the collective.

    • I think that everything that has to do with science, learning and discoveries should be a priority, but we cannot compare this with health for example

    • In science, according to me, everything should be considered a priority.
      Nothing is less than another.

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