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1.7 The Puzzle of Consciousness


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    • Cogito ergo sum is a famous statement that asserts the only true knowledge we have is the existence of our own consciousness. Do you think this is really the only true knowledge that you have? Can we ever be sure that the experiential world is not an illusion? Does it matter? Why?

    • In this discussion, I like the question of “Does it matter?” because in all honesty, does it? An illusion is defined as something that is “is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses.” Will we ever truly be able to know that our entire perception of the world is wrong and what qualifies it as being right? If we were to not be here as living beings experiencing the world, would the universe itself be real? Is reality only bound by perception or is there a real reality that we can only experience a part of? I think these endless questions are interesting because it challenges all of human history, who we are and whether or not our actions have true impact on any part of reality. However, I believe we can see our impacts on ourselves and each other. I feel happy, I know I can cause others to be happy. If it were to all be an illusion, I do feel that my emotions are real, who I am is real and my senses are real. Even when we are dreaming, I often can feel my emotions. Just because they are in a dream doesn’t make them less real, they are the reactions I had to my surroundings. I feel conscious through these things and these, for me at least, serve as proof of my consciousness.

    • “Can we ever be sure that the experiential world is not an illusion?” I have always been fond of the phrase “perception is reality.” I believe that what we perceive is real, yet I believe it is an incomplete image of what is really there. Our senses have evolved for survival. For that reason, we see in only certain wavelengths and at limited ranges, we hear only certain frequencies, and we smell and taste only a certain range of scents and flavors. I believe there is a whole world beyond what we can perceive, even beyond what we can imagine. String theory suggests that there exist 10 or more dimensions yet because we only exist in three dimensions it is nearly impossible for us to even imagine what those other dimensions might look like. Just because we cannot perceive them, does that make them any less real? I don’t think so, I just think humans have been limited in their physical capabilities by what evolution deemed necessary for survival. I am very exited to see what science discovers about the imperceptible aspects of the physical world in the years to come.

    • Ii believe there are different levels of consciousness just as everything else in life… some creatures experience a sense self of being but don’t know love or anxiety or perhaps sadness and pain. I believe there is an entire spectrum of consciousness and that all living things experience varying levels of these conscious feelings.

    • Consciousness is a continuum

    • In my opinion we only have perception of what the human being was “prepared/evolved”. The human being cannot feel, for example, the radiations of many technologies and they walk among us. There is a whole world that we cannot see because of our limitations, but they are still real, we just cannot get there. All this makes me curious and eager to discover more and more

    • Conscious is emerging property of very physical sums.
      Self is not atomic. it is consists of many smaller self. as a whole it boots up consciousness

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