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1.6 The Standard Model


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    • Do you think we will ever be able to comprehensively describe all of nature in a single elegant equation? Why or why not?

    • “Elegant” is a curious word. Never-the-less, I do hope we are able to condense all of nature into a single equation. Now more than ever physicists are challenging the construction and continued usage of the current formalism. I am excited to see what physicists are able to produce in the next 50 years.

    • yes i think we {the scientists} will be able to find an ELEGANT THEORY OF EVERYTHING within 100 years …i think a set of mind blowing discoveries and hypothesis will be provided within 10 or 25 years or so, and these theories and discoveries will change our view…here i think M THEORY and super symmetry has more chances to be discovered with remarkably new experiments and high energetic particle accelerators

    • I have high hope in science that one day well be able to produce single equation that could explain everything. For the past decades physics developed and discovery many things and unravel so many mystery. Who knows 10yrs or mores from now we would be able to find ways to prove if graviton does really exist or not, or unravel the mystery behind consciousness and the fate of out universe. I do really hope that day would come.

    • The picture of the cube really got me thinking – it’s almost as if the only reason it shows that 360 = 1/2 spin is because there are wires attached to each surface. Does this mean that the spin is not quite as intrinsic, but somehow arrives from a shared interaction?

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