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1.1 What are Black Holes?

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Robert Ralston
There was a lot of information (mass) condensed into this lecture, things to think about, so I'm thinking this lecture has a Schwarzchild radius
Bobby Dylan Brooks
Black holes objects whos pull of gravity are so tense that light does not escape . could black holes also be field particle generators ? setting the media for propagation of light threw the gravitational wave fields ? does this point to a still undiscovered key to the bigger picture of unification .
A S M Imam Hossain
Black hole is an object have mass and gravity is strong enough that light cannot escape.
Rupert Macey-Dare
Infinite density, high mass singularities at the centre of their respective Schwartzchild radii..
This talk made every attempt by her expertise to make even a layman to conceptualize fundamentally what a black hole is. Of course the deeper understanding with all its complexity may be the job and requirement of a professional physicist or a scientist. I believe there is nothing wrong in taking that "Black holes can be understood as the massive astronomical bodies whose infinitely large mass is compressed into infinitely small volume space creating infinitely strong gravity enough to trap and hold every thing in it and not to allow anything escape from it".

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