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2.1 Bringing Together Gravity & Quantum Mechanics

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Juan Maldecena's approach seems useful.
Robert Ruxandrescu
If I'm not mistaken, the Maldacena Duality only works in anti-deSitter space, which is not the space that we live in. Of course, it's a great discovery and one of the most interesting things I know about in physics, but it's still something not specific to our world but specific to an anti-deSitter space and it binds a 4-dimensional space without gravity with a 5 dimensional space with gravity. The idea is that since information is not lost in the one without gravity, information is not lost in the one with gravity, either.
Bernhard Winzek
So Io, please get the code 😉
Bernhard Winzek
So please get the code 😉
Luke Gurbin
Do we need gravity since we ignore it at an atomic level.

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