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2.1 Duality Frames

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Yash Patel
Elegant description of duality frames
Ashraf Ayoub
Please I want to ask you about the string when vibrate can give more than eleven motions ( shapes) but you said it gives four shapes I want to understand this point please Thank you Ashraf Ayoub
Prayog Dash
Duality frames is the easiest way to understand the specialty and similarities of different theories in a frame. It is one of the most elegant representation of reality. It's like the Feynman diagram of string theory.
Michael Zebrowitz
I am wondering if the duality frames correspond to different energy levels. Forn example, the phase diagram used in the video would have the individual molecules as the invariant in all phases. However, the 3 phases do correspond to different energies that the molecules would have: the gas being the highest, then the liquid then the solid. Do duality frames in string theory correspond to different quantized energy levels in this way? Many thanks.

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