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2.1 Gravitational Wave Astrophysics

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George Kanev
About newly claim for Einstein’s gravitation wave discovery by LIGO experimenters: First let remind the experimental table as well to ask several necessary technical questions about the device itself after this: The experiment asserts that it is proven existence of gravitational waves. So let begin with the essence of the Einstein’s gravitational wave definition and its properties: Einstein and especially if I may to use the word of Einstein himself (how it is possible of course), he very much doubt about the problem with the absolute space existence. He approximate said that if the space is distances between the objects only, that doesn’t obstruct the existence of the absolute space, and it for the time was correct. By then the essence of the field, that he accepted, it is the bending of the space only and these bending can organize through some tensor of deformations. For that the general theory of relativity needs absolute space, because the effect of member √(1-v^2/c^2 ) is very weak if the velocity is between the two close objects. Einstein said the following: If we have one revolving disc and if we put tangentially on the periphery a meter length, then this meter will shrink according to the member above, but if we put this meter at the radius it remain the same. So if we divide the perimeter by the diameter of this disc we cannot obtain the number (π). That is why the space is bending, but to be possible this bending to explain the quantity of the gravitational field, there is needed velocity close to the velocity of light, which practically is very rarely on the Universe. So Einstein proposes the following experiment: He said if we have one flat table and if begin to arrange safety matches in square form and if we shifting a little one of them, the difference will be insignificant, but if we continues with the arrangement endlessly then the bending will be so big that the curvet line can close into the circuit. So Einstein is needs endless absolute space independently existing, where act the physical processes. That is the ideas around which is build the so called field theory about Einstein’ gravity. Gravitational lens has nothing to do with the black hole conception, because I remind again this: So we can ask what is the first: the revolving disc, which may hasn’t any mass, but which has tangential velocity and therefore bend the space around itself, or the spherical mass which has or hasn’t tangential velocity but we accuse that this mass bend the space and creates the so called space time curvilinear tensor? Gravity is dynamically characterization (centripetal acceleration) but the bending is kinematical characterization. Le see shown above site about the experiment itself. It is clearly that this device can measure distance changing with unbelievable accuracy to register distance changing in the order of 〖10〗^(-13) [cm] which is the distance changing provoked by gravitational waves no matter whether they are Einstein’s or real acceleration gravity. As to take into account that this is of the order of the size of mirror atom’s nucleus you can see that the roughness (which is atom characterization: 〖10〗^(-9) [cm]) of the mirror, there cannot be avoid to creates phase non synchronization effect of the two laser rays which compromising the accuracy of the device more than 1000 times! So my first question is: How is calibrates this device and by what standard etalon is made up if it’s made up at all? So in this regard what is the accuracy of this measurement instrument? Second question: How is avoided the impossibility to synchronize the clocks of the two laser rays – another fundamental problem of phase synchronization? As to take into account formula: ∆t=(t^'-t)=(t-t^' ) And the relativistic energy is equal to: E=1/∆t So what will happen if the time interval is equal to zero? The energy will be infinity! But such event is impossible to exist physically, so obviously the time interval cannot be equal to zero!? Third question: How you establish the direction of coming gravitational waves towards the device to affect the mirror’s laser rays? Because this direction must to lays on the device plane or with some small angle at the laser rays themselves to be possible to definite the direction on the cosmos of event such as “two neutron stars colliding”? How is calibrated this angle in accordance with the device accuracy and by which standard etalon? Now about the event: “two neutron stars colliding” First question: What is the neutron star according to claiming experimenters and what they actually see? Two neutron stars or simply super nova explosion and remainder – pulsar which misleads us like two spinning objects? Second question: Whether the spectral analysis shows heavier elements are radiated from this remainder or illuminates there as to misleads us about the quantity of this remainder (it’s mass actually)? Because: About pulsars, namely remainder after the star explosion in fact is nuclear chain material with common magnetic moment (see joromachine ) which can’t radiate anything because such material has full (not approximately) but full reflection….. that is why such material shine so brightly but not because it is in high energy state eventually! The roughness of the mirror changes the phases of reflected two separately photons depending whether they reflected from the high point or low point of the roughness! Obviously LIGO cannot claim to detect gravitation wave in length around 1000 times smaller than the roughness of the mirror! But how the LIGO wave image appears there because any wave appearance is provoked by some acceleration creating respectively force which amplitudes the wave and its frequency? The short answer is: because fundamentally it is impossible to synchronize the beginning of the two lasers beams (with different frequencies each other). So when the one of the mirrors reflect one of the two beams (in impulses mode) it “asks” the source of the two beams whether they are simultaneously and the fundamental answer is no, because of this: What is the time nature on the universe? We physically define the time as a quantity of movement, for example one year is the movement of Earth around the Sun in full orbital cycle. But what exactly is this movement? To clarify this let return to the relativistic quantum mechanics where we choose such measurement units that the constants of Plank, divided by 2π and velocity of light to be equal to 1, i.e. h/2π=c=1 (see page 345 USM ). So according to the known equation: E=h.γ where γ is the frequency of the wave and E is the energy, we can write that the relativistic “cycle” energy: E=ω, where ω=2π.γ is the angular velocity (frequency). But ω has dimension: [s^(-1) ], which means that the time is converse proportionally to the cycle energy. But what about the next equation: E=N.t where N is the power of some process, it seems like the energy is proportionally to the time, but it isn’t so because if we replace the power: dE/dt=N, we see that the time is again converse proportionally to the “cycle” energy, but the “linear” energy is equal to the work made up in some process: E=A=F.s where (s) is the road which passes the force (F) and in this case it is the length of wave equal to: s=c/ω where c=1, so we can see that actually the time is proportionally to the distances (inside the cycle) as well and that is only about relativistic presentation of the examined functions. That is exactly how it is written here: What is the essence of the energy in the universe itself and from where it comes from and what is its value? From page 96, 97, 98 USM follows that in the beginning of springing up of Our space the full energy is equal to zero for us. Then with thickening of the micro cosmos and expanding of macro cosmos due to the asymmetry of these coefficients, which depends by our position of observation in this case our living position, we have the illusion that the energy for us is increases, because we are close to the nuclei of the atoms rather than the stars and galaxy. But the macro cosmos expands more rapidly by the same reason, so full energy in our space is again equal to zero. So it is seen that the energy is “one reality in the illusion”, as well as the world itself! See USM So by this very elegant way (haw has liking to said Einstein himself) is determinates one of the most mysterious physical phenomenon in the universe! So let return to the equation of time connection in the special relativity, (see page 47 USM): t^'=t/β; t=t^'/β As we can see the two times in movable and in immovable coordinates is fully replicable, then the time interval is equal to: ∆t=(t^'-t)=(t-t^' ) And the relativistic energy is equal to: E=1/∆t So what will happen if the time interval is equal to zero? The energy will be infinity! But such event is impossible to exist physically, so obviously the time interval cannot be equal to zero!? It means that the velocities of the two coordinates cannot be equal between and equal to the velocity of light, i.e. if that are two light rays. So to avoid this contradiction in the special relativity we need this: The problem of photon comes from this: The empty or absolute space doesn’t exist according to USM because of the essence of creating the fields (all gravitation, electrostatic-magnetic and nuclear) and their interconnection regarding their quality essence and quantity sizes. So in the general relativity any where the velocity of light in vacuum must to replace with the velocity of light in empty space and because such empty space doesn’t exist, that is the main reason that such velocity can’t be reached. So obviously the photon can has mass in repose equal to zero only in empty space, which doesn’t exist in reality, then all real photons in fact are virtual photons (relativistic photons) which in low velocities, their masses inclined to zero, but they have some masses through interaction with the surrounding matter (the surrounding matter carry partially light ray – experiment of Fizau). This interaction is realizes by the electromagnetic field in accordance with the equations of Maxwell Lorentz and in accordance with the essence of the light ray shown in USM. Of course again follows that the so called “big bang” conception is impossible to occur, because the time cannot be equal to zero in real space (not absolute space…such doesn’t exist) and therefore the time cannot begin in this fantastic “big bang” point! So where come from the searching acceleration which provoked wave image in the LIGO experiment itself? The short answer is form the energy difference between the two beams because of the always slightly shifting between their beginnings (phase difference) which is measures by some energy difference in accordance with above. It is obviously, that energy per unit distance is the searched acceleration which swings the common laser wave, but not some outside hypothetical Einstein’s gravitational wave. It means that the experiment LIGO itself don’t proof its assertion, but not that the dynamically gravitational wave doesn’t exist at all. G.Kanev
Luke Gurbin
Thanks to Prof. Nergis for the course! Gravity wave require high mass to evist- what about Jupiter? The sun and jupiter share a barycenter. They must produce gravity waves. The quadrapolar nature of gravity waves both shrink and stretch. This may be a secret to making gravity instruments. If we can hear gravity waves, we can make them.

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