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24.8 Lorentz Transformation: Examples

Module 24: Lorentz Transformation: Examples - Problem 3

Imagine a team of observers (Team Red) are riding a red broomstick, and zip by Earth at speed $v$. Assume the origins of Team Earth and Team Red cross at $t = t^\prime=0$ (that is, $(t=0, x=0) = (t^\prime= 0, x^\prime= 0)$). Imagine that a member of Team Red located at their origin has stolen a top secret file. So, you jump on your new super-broomstick, and chase after Team Red at speed $V$ which is larger than $v$. You leave Earth at time $t = t_1$. (To distinguish the various $\gamma$ factors, write $\gamma[w]= \frac{1}{\sqrt{1-w^2}} $ for any $w$ expressed in units with $c = 1$).

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