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3.1 LIGO’s Success

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I hope when all the new LIGO'S including LIGO_INDIA will act simultaneously,we will discover many more interesting fact's about the universe.
mark s
When using pulsars to measure a freq of 10 to the -9 Hz it will take 300 yr to record 10 cycles of the wave. 30 yrs for one cycle, still a bit long. 7.5 yrs of signal could be used in signal processing to estimate the wave form, but noise would have to be quit low (many measurements with low noise instruments.)
mark s
Amen, more LIGOs better location and lower noise! {:<) This is suppose to be a reply to "SHOUVIK MONDAL" but it looks out of place.
mark s
When measuring cosmic microwave background GV wave, a freq of 10 to the -16Hz, it will take 300,000,000 yr to record 1 cycle of the wave. What am I missing. I wish I could edit original comment the following day or later!

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