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3.1 Using the Laws of Information to Search for Life

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Liberty Infinite
What does it mean for a species such as human to advance? In the short term it means we prevent the extinction of our species. In the long term it means that we change our bodies to become as different from our current appearance is from before we stood upright. We go gray. The first concerns of an advanced race such as ours are cleaning the planet, ending crime & learning natural law. Nature, science & art are what govern. Passions must be understood.
Luke Gurbin
To consider biology on the planet as planetary expression, we see the cross reference of black holes also containing information on their accretion discs, or event horizons. The very concept allows room to consider black holes to have sentience. We are the place we live in.
Marcelo Matos Machado
Cellular communication, genetic regulation, and biochemical processes are all mediated by information transmitted and interpreted within biological systems. Since information is a basic principle of life, should we focus on the search for informational structures on exoplanets?

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