World Science Scholars
3.2 Designing the World We Want Summary
  • Most of biology hasn’t been discovered yet, providing tremendous potential for synthetic biology.
  • Professor Endy looks at how to interface with nature, while considering impacts from human population growth, decreases in animal populations, and environmental changes.
  • The need to transition from living on Earth to living with Earth is a theme of Professor Endy’s work.
  • Nature is currently harvesting 90TW of energy—our civilization runs on 20TW and should, therefore, be able to provide for humanity.
  • Biology is already acting as a worldwide distributed nanotechnology.
  • Distributed synthetic biology could allow people to act as both the consumers and the producers of products, eliminating the need for most shipping.
  • Biology inspires the production of an array of new products from living programmable perfume to interactive health monitors.

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