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3.2 Summary
Vibrations and waves can be explained by sine waves.drop-down
  • Sine waves, the elementary building blocks of sound, can be used to construct complex sounds.
  • Instead of using vibrations of a musical instrument, the natural vibrations of protein structures can be used to generate sound.

In a spider web there are hundreds of thousands of strings that vibrate at different frequencies.drop-down
  • Using VR you can explore the web and explore different musical theories.
  • The sound created from the spider web is being used as a basis to create new sounds.
  • By taking pieces of the sounds and sending them into a new structure, we can begin to design new materials and new proteins.

Professor Buehler's lab created a musical piece called Tangled Web.drop-down
  • A Tidarren Sisyphoides spider’s web was scanned using sheet lasers.
  • This scan was then used to create a ‘1000 string harp’.
  • Professor Buehler has coined this technique ‘materiomusic’.
  • You can find the piece in its entirety here.

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