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4.1 Integrated Information Theory

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Francisco Quintana
Francisco Quintana
la mente es mas poderosa , el cerebro es la parte física que podemos sentir , percibir pero la mente es algo intangible el cerebro tiene sus límites mientras que la mente no se sabe que tan grande es su poder .
Ashraf Ayoub
Please what is the physical and chemical deferences of the brain nerve cells between the conscious and unconscious states ? Thank you Ashraf Ayoub
Nikki Johnson
Speaking of whether or not dogs have self-consciousness ... there’s a really interesting article on entitled “Dogs Have A Consciousness Too.” Dogs mysteriously failed for years to pass the classic self-recognition test performed with a mirror — until a special “sniff-based” version was developed. It makes perfect sense that the dominant senses of each animal need to be taken into account in designing self-recognition exercises for them; otherwise, it’s like species-biased standardized testing, haha! I love the concluding remarks from the article: “The innovative approach to test the self-awareness [of dogs] with a smell test highlights the need to shift the paradigm of the anthropocentric idea of consciousness to a species-specific perspective. We would never expect that a mole or a bat can recognize themselves in a mirror, but now we have strong empirical evidence to suggest that if species other than primates are tested using chemical or auditory perception, we could get really unexpected results.” This opens up a vast new realm of exciting possibilities ... particularly in light of pan-psychism....

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